Le Temps des Cerises

Avanti Popolo

At Thirst Merchants
This is a sing-songy, aromatic expression of majority carignan (traditionally it has been 100% carignan though it now has a splash of Grenache in it), with spice and florality, and a kind of at once leafy and riverstony core though the story here is more about its freshness, lightness, and texture than any tasting notes. Level-changing and vibrant. The name of the cuvée is from an old song of the burgeoning labor movement (what would progress into the Italian socialist and communist movements) at the early 20th century -- Avanti Popolo translates to 'Forward, People!' Axel Prüfer tends 8.5 hectares of vines in La Tour-sur-Orb in southern France's Languedoc.