Pedi Perfect Pink Electric Foot File For Callus Removal

At Walmart
Amope offers this top-of-the-line electric foot file at a special price! It?s ready to use out of the box, and even comes with 3 replacement heads for a lasting gift at a great value. Get the gift of a salon-quality pedicure at home, whenever you need one! Designed for Comfortable Care Using scrapers or pumice stones at awkward angles can make dry or dead skin and cracked heels hard to reach. Our electric foot file has an ergonomic handle designed to make awkward angles easy. The soft-touch non-slip grip is comfortable to hold over long periods, in any hand position. Have a relaxing, revitalizing pedicure at home with Pedi Perfect. Easy to Use, Always Effective, Always Clean: Comes with 3 Replacement Heads! Using pumice stones and scrapers gets difficult as their surface wears down or clogs. Our specially-designed Micralumina Replaceable Heads easily snap in. They're easy to clean, too, so you'll always have the most effective buffing surface. Click here for more Pedi Perfect replacement heads. A Salon-Quality Pedicure at Home, or ANYWHERE! Pedi Perfect puts the power of a pedicure in your hands, wherever you go! This travel-ready electric foot file can fit easily into a tote or overnight bag for use wherever you can fit it in. Touch up your dry skin in your hotel room before a meeting. Get sandal-ready in your car before a day outdoors. Keep clearing calluses a part of your daily routine when travelling. Pedi Perfect Electric Foot File works great on the go but is not waterproof. For a waterproof electric foot file you can use while showering, or in the bath, check out the Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry! Caring for your Pedi Perfect Electric Foot File is Easy, Too! Be sure to detach the roller head from the handle to clean its surface. Once you?ve done that, just rinse the head under the tap! You can clean the body of the unit with a clean damp cloth. After you?ve dried both off with a clean dry cloth, you can replace the roller and protective cover. Amope Pedi Perfect is your simple solution for daily foot care and dry skin removal. Electric foot files are the best upgrade to a pumice stone. Join the more than 3 million people in the U.S. that use Pedi Perfect to keep their feet touchably smooth! Amopes full line of foot care products is available at Walmart, online or in-store.