Amazing Duo

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AMAZING DUO....but Kay on Sep 23, 2020 This duo is absolutely incredible. I recommend this to everyone, you HAVE to try it at least once if you deal with PIH or dry skin. Faded is incredible at fading PIH and even treating congestion in the skin. The ingredient list speaks for itself honestly. For the price? Incredible. Most brands would charge so much for an all-star ingredient list like this product. Despite being dry skinned, I find that I can use this on it's own without any tight feeling. BUT it can be drying at night - so moisturizer / occlusive is necessary. I love this product! Like Butter was my holy grail for a while. SO nourishing and hydrating. When I rinse it off, my skin is noticibly more supple and brighter. Definitely a "good skin" kind of product. The only issue I sadly have with either product is that it has some fungal acne triggers. So I use them sparingly. But if I could use them often - I absolutely would. BUT EVEN THEN --- I still use these products because I love them that much and find that they don't exacerbate any bumps. It's just something to consider. Even then, if it doesn't work for you - give it to a pal, share the glory of these products! Genuinely hope people rave about these products because as a skincare junkie who tries so much skincare - these two are my holy grails. If only the yeast on my face could agree! Report as Inappropriate