All New Sundolf Rechargeable Personal Wand Massager

【RELIEVE YOUR PAIN】: Massage away soreness, tightness, and stress for powerful deep muscle pain relief 【PERFECTLY PORTABLE】: Lightweight ergonomic design makes it easier than ever to relieve pain on the go 【20 MODES】: 8 variable speeds and 20 vibration modes provide a stunning range of massaging sensations 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】: High quality, waterproof silicone with an ultra flexible head and soft touch grip 【FULLY RECHARGEABLE】: USB port allows for easy charging and lasts up to 1.5 hours on a full charge RELIEVE YOUR PAIN Whether you’re a world-class athlete sore after an intense workout, an office worker feeling tightness after sitting for sustained periods, or a student with strains due to high-stress levels, we all could use a little pain relief! Nothing feels as therapeutic for muscle and joint pain quite like the relief you’ll experience when using the Sundolf personal massager. Simply turn on and apply over your tender, aching body to melt the pain away quickly! PERFECTLY PORTABLE Pain doesn’t just happen when you’re at home, so it only makes sense to have a device to take the pain away anywhere you feel the aches and discomfort we know too well. Unlike massage chairs or bulky massagers, ours is lightweight and handheld to be taken everywhere you go. Pack it in your purse or car compartment to ensure instant pain relief is within arm’s reach at all times. 20 MODES No two aches and pains are alike, so we’ve designed our personal massager to multiple speeds and modes to better alleviate the many kinds of discomfort that bother us daily. With 20 unique patterns, 8 speed levels, and an ultra-flexible head that contours to your body, you can use our massager to handle all types of body maintenance. The varying levels make our wand the perfect option for use on your neck, back, shoulders, or whatever muscle or joint groups are causing stiffness or irritation. PREMIUM MATERIAL Made with medical-grade waterproof silicone to be heavy-duty and smooth-to-the-touch, our massage wand uses only the best in materials to knead the pain away. Additionally, our deep muscle massager is quiet to be discreet so you can use freely and massage in peace. FULLY RECHARGEABLE When in need of a massage wand, the last thing you want to do is wait for it to charge up or need a change of batteries. Because of this, the Sundolf rechargeable massager holds a charge longer so it’s ready when you need it the most!