Air Conditioner

At July
30-DAY TRIAL 1-YEAR WARRANTY EASY RETURNS Easy breezy self-install July’s patented installation frame makes installing your window A/C shockingly simple. The frame goes into the window first - and then your July A/C will slide in and lock into place. WiFi-controlled smart A/C Control your July from anywhere with our app. Set a schedule so July turns on when you want it to - like right before you get home from work. And, control your A/C with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With more integrations coming soon, July is truly the WiFi A/C you’ve been looking for. Air-cleaning filters The standard A/C filter doesn’t cleanse the air you breathe. If you’re looking for air purification, choose our special filters. Our air purifying filters capture pollen, pet dander and other pollutants from the air. They’re great for people with allergies or pets - or for anyone looking to breathe cleaner. 3x more energy efficient In the Medium, we use the state-of-the-art R32 refrigerant that is 3x more energy efficient than most other window units, making July the eco-friendly A/C and lower power consumption means we can reduce your energy bill by 10%. Environmentally-friendly We are dedicated to building a business and product that continually reduces our environmental impact. We’ve partnered with Carbonfund.org to offset the carbon emissions for one year’s use of every July we sell. We also responsibly dispose of customers’ old A/Cs in an ecologically-friendly way, avoiding refrigerant leakage that is harmful to the planet.