12.5/25 Lbs Adjustable Exercise Dumbbell Set

【1 Second Weights Adjusting】We inject a humanized scientific adjustment design into the adjustable dumbbell set, you only need to easily rotate the middle grip of the weight set to switch the weight, without disassembly. Easily train the whole body muscles, with a variety of training methods, suitable for men and women. Adjusted from 5 pounds to 25 pounds, the smooth rotation of 180 degrees can bring you a high-quality home training experience. 【Safe and Stable Structure】Adjust the weight of the adjustable dumbbells on the base. After lifting the dumbbell, the dumbbell pieces will automatically lock. When you are using it, you will not feel the shaking of the weights at all. You can do training smoothly. HAPBEAR has an exclusive built-in locking structure to ensure safety. 【Precision Design】The grip is made of high-strength nylon material and has a non-slip frosted treatment. With an ergonomic rhombus design, it can improve friction in all directions. When you rotate the grip to adjust the weight, the eye-catching weight indicator pin can help you accurately locate the weight indicator and train scientifically and effectively. 【Break Through Tradition】Our dumbbells adjustable weight seat is made of PP environmentally friendly material, which is mellow, stable and odorless. You can put it under the table, bed, sofa or corner of the wall when you store it. HAPBEAR’s adjustable dumbbells break through the constraints, which are equivalent to five traditional dumbbells, which saves you money and can also achieve better training results. Truly provide help for those who love home gym fitness. 【What Will You Get】 HAPBEAR 25 LBS adjustable weights dumbbells single and high-quality after-sales service. Any problems or questions, contact us at any time. We will help you solve it ASAP. I believe that HAPBEAR Fitness will become your first choice for indoor exercising!