Peace Out Skincare

Acne Serum

At Cult Beauty
Let's be honest, we all get breakouts; it's completely normal but that doesn't mean that a fresh crop of spots doesn't send our mood into a nosedive, or irritate us to no end. That's where Peace Out's Acne Serum comes in... Powered by two per cent salicylic acid, this daily blemish-busting treatment works to call time on existing zits and preemptively hit the brakes on burgeoning ones. The lightweight serum - a first for the brand(!) - exfoliates within your pores, dissolving the congesting debris that incites breakouts, while niacinamide and vitamin C work to brighten the look of dark spots and promote a more even skin tone. Zinc then helps to absorb excess oil and further clarify your pores, as centella asiatica extract (otherwise known as tiger crass, the cult-favourite calming ingredient) and hyaluronic acid help to moisturise and soothe your skin, so that it feels clarified without seeming stripped and tight. Consider this your ticket to clearer, smoother skin...