Duda Energy

950ml Bottle Of 99+% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Industrial Grade Ipa Concentrated Rubbing Alcohol

Pure Isopropyl Alcohol with 99% minimum specifications. High purity with excellent quality. Known as Federal Grade IPA. Use this high purity alcohol for a variety of applications such as Biodiesel Titrations, Soap Titrations, First Aid, Cleaning & More.Medical grade IPA is the same as Industrial grade IPA except medical grade is packaged in a white room where as industrial grade is not.Note on Warnings: Duda Energy uses a more cautious approach to its warning labels on products. We try to provide as much relevant information from the SDS as possible. Therefore, while 99% IPA is more pure and therefore, faster reacting, it is not anymore dangerous than 70% rubbing alcohol when it comes skin contact. Both products will remove oils from the skin and cause dryness or cracking. It is recommended to wash skin where IPA is applied to after a short period of time to prevent this issue. Our warning label advises to wear gloves when handling for applications where skin contact is not desired.