Liz Claiborne

90’s Black Croc Embossed Shoulder

At Thrilling
-Liz Claiborne black croc embossed, textured shoulder bag. Has a shiny/glossy finish. Pocket in the front, pocket inside purse, in the middle and has throwback cellphone pockets on the other side. Has silver plated hardware. -Size: 17.5inx11.75in -Era: 1990's -Materials: 100% polyvinyl chloride / Lining: 100% cotton -Origin: Made in China -Care: Hand clean *NOTE: *Clothing colors may look slightly different in person due to light exposure in the photos* *TIP: Best to compare these measurements with a piece of clothing that you already own* *TIP measure yourself and compare with our measurements!* *Measurements are roughly measured* -Handle Length: 10.75in -Length (Without Handle): 8in -Condition: Excellent This item is sold from an excellent, highly rated vintage boutique in Chicago, IL.