2019 Mini Art Calendar

At Poketo
This striking calendar featuring designs by the artist Eloise Iturbe (@elo_____) is a vibrant addition to any space in need of an aesthetic touch. Each month is illuminated by beautiful modern artwork for 12 months of color. Raised on the countryside in Argentina, Eloisa Iturbe moved to Buenos Aires to study graphic design, eventually setting up her own branding studio there for clients worldwide. But she has never lost her early connection with nature and the natural world, apparent in her love of colors, textures, paper, wood, plants, and the light of the sun. She brings together these two worlds in a series of images that are graphic and natural, minimal and lush, contained and colorful, neat and dynamic, elegant and playful. Also comes in a larger version, perfect to hang up on your wall. Read about her process on the blog and take a look at her breathtaking work on Instagram, @elo_____ Environmentally friendly tree-free paper 6" x 4" (15.2 cm x 10.16 cm)