2 Pairs Sticky Adhesive Bra

1.The sticky bra is lightweight and portable.Keep your shoulders exposed and reveal your charm. 2.They are hypoallergenic,strong sticky,reusable and skin-friendly.Lift up your breasts naturally. 3.Ideal for all kinds of clothing and occasions. Highlight your sexiness. 4.Perfect fit to A,B,C,D,DD or E Cup.No longer worrying about not finding the right size. WEARING TIPS: . 1.Wipe your charming breasts and clean the oil, dirt or sweat. 2.Remove the protective film (We recommend keeping it for reuse). 3.Put the adhesive bra onto your cute nipples softly and stick the edges to the skin. 4.Press gently over the outer surface of the invisible bra for a few seconds to secure the hold. 5.Now dressing on and getting charming and shine.