Lotto Love

2-pack Charitable Scratch-off Game

At Lotto Love
Gifting and giving back is fun with LottoLove! Each card donates to one of our 4 charitable partners. The charitable prize is hidden until the recipient plays the game. Luckily, every card is a winner in our lottery! We designed our scratch off cards to easily fit into an A2 size greeting card & envelope (which are included in each order!) for ease of gifting. Grab a penny and start playing! Included in the variety packs: + Two LottoLove cards. + One greeting card of your choice with gold foil (blank on the inside). Be sure to choose your greeting card sentiment below. The backside of the greeting card explains our concept. + One white envelope. + The color combination of scratch off cards in the variety pack is a surprise. + Information card for the recipien