The Ultimate Guide To Recycling Your Beauty Products

Despite all those good intentions, IRL sustainability can seem daunting. While most of us dutifully separate our dry recyclables from our food waste in the kitchen, only 50% of bathroom waste gets recycled ( That’ll be thanks to the confusing symbols, and the plethora of pumps, lids, tubes and jars that our favourite products are often housed in (which more often than not end up in the ocean). In fact, by 2020 there’ll be more plastic than fish in oceans (Ellen McArthur Foundation). But there’s no need to panic! In partnership with Dove and their No Plastics Promise, an initiative to move towards 100% recycled plastic bottles and zero plastic packaging where possible, we’ve put together some easy-to-follow infographics to help you be a more conscious consumer. It’s all a part of our global Self-Service project, designed to help women and girls all over the globe rebuild self-esteem, and reconnect with their communities.
Ready to demystify recycling and become a sustainable beauty whiz? Let’s get started…
1. Be clever with how you reduce, reuse and recycle in the bathroom
2. Sort your beauty empties the right way
A handy guide to sorting all your beauty empties, in association with @dove
3. Screenshot this logo cheatsheet and save it for the next time you're in the beauty aisle
The ultimate beauty logo cheatsheet, in association with @dove
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