All The Beauty Products Our Editors Rave About

Look, here at Refinery29, we’re beauty fanatics. It’s a bit obvious – we’re surrounded by products all day, every day, and we chat about new releases, collaborations and our favourite brands and looks a fair amount.
Beauty is playful and restorative, it helps you outwardly present your inner self, and taking your time applying it can be an act of self-care. Choosing a lipstick, cleanser or perfume is as fun as choosing which meal you’re going to cook, and finding the right product for you can be downright confidence-boosting.
How do we cut through the noise, though? How do we separate the bland from the brilliant, the sticky from the slick, the cheap from the cut above? Well, we’ve trialled a significant number of products in our time and we’re here to let you in on our eternal favourites – from the classics we’ve been loyal to since youth and the new releases living up to the hype, to the picks that just do the job well.
Click through for a peek into the minds of 10 Refinery29 women, all with their eyes firmly on the beauty landscape, and get the lowdown on the products we’re shouting about right now.

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