Clean Australian Skincare Brand Dr. Roebuck's Launches In The UK

Photo courtesy of Dr Roebuck's.
From their 'less is more' philosophy to harnessing the very best natural ingredients – most of them homegrown – it's fair to say the Australians are nailing it when it comes to clean skincare.
And with more and more of us on a mission to omit parabens, gluten, sulphates, fillers, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances (phew) from our skincare routines, it's no wonder we're all buying into beauty brands that kick them to the kerb.
So you can only imagine our excitement when naturally inspired Aussie skincare brand, Dr. Roebuck's, announced it would be launching its 15 product-strong range – including cleansers, serums, masks and more – exclusively at UK beauty hub Space NK this June. Yep, you might want to make some room on your bathroom shelf...
Now, beauty obsessives will know that Dr. Roebuck's has been around for a while in Australia. In fact, a limited number of products were previously available to buy on Amazon for a short amount of time. However, the brand's increasing popularity saw products fly off the virtual shelves and running out meant persuading any Aus-bound friends to bag you a haul on their travels.
But there's good news, because you can now curate an entire skincare routine, as the majority of the products are here to stay. They've also undergone a complete rebrand. Hello, sharp, Instagram-worthy packaging.
Photo courtesy of Dr Roebuck's.
So what sets Dr. Roebuck's apart from other 'clean' ranges? Well, it's all in the ingredients. To name but a few, kakadu plum (which contains 50 times more skin-brightening vitamin C than an orange), inca inchi oil (bursting with omega fatty acids for extensive moisture) and caviar lime (a naturally powerful exfoliator) are all used in the line and sourced in Australia.
"Without being really naff," laughed Kim Devin, cofounder and head of sales at Dr. Roebuck's, "we try and pick all of our ingredients from Australia. Even our water is sourced from Tasmania because we believe native ingredients are so effective. People also have an affinity to the Australian lifestyle. It's all about living your best life – but the thing is, you don't have to be a hippy, travelling the globe to be 'clean' and everyone's definition is different. We have loyal customers that opt for things like laser and other dermatologist treatments and then treat their skin with Nuddy (the Ultra-Hydrating Repair Creme, £35), which only has around six ingredients."
"We wanted to put the wellness aspect back into skincare," Kim continued. "We always want to know what's in everything we eat, so we translated that into skin products. The whole essence of the brand is using minimal ingredients for great results, and although we are a clean brand, we really focus on being efficacious, which is why we use so many great actives."
Diehard Dr. Roebuck's fans will notice that the brand has done away with the apothecary-style dropper bottles and swapped them for airtight pumps, which means the natural (and also mostly vegan) ingredients keep their potency for longer, as they aren't exposed to the air. "We've worked hard to stabilise these ingredients without the need for preservatives," added Kim.
But clean doesn't mean second-rate. In fact, there's some pretty interesting science behind the products, too.
"We even source down to the hyaluronic acid, which has to be 1% to be effective," said Kim. "The hyaluronic acid we use is of a low molecular weight to penetrate the dermis and absorb into the skin. Everything is trialled at a pharmaceutical level to ensure efficacy." In fact, the brand was born because Kim's father, the Dr. Roebuck, formulated an at-home blended formula to treat her and her sister's eczema as a child. This formula is now key to the range.
Photo courtesy of Dr Roebuck's.
So what should you try? Oily, acne-prone skin will respond well to the Daintree AHA Brightening Mask, £25. Natural alpha hydroxy acids work to slough away the paste-like mixture of oil and dead skin that tends to clog pores, preventing breakouts.
City dwellers worried about the effects of pollution on skin (namely pigmentation and dullness) might want to amp up their morning skincare routine with a dose of the Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum, £46. Packed with antioxidants like myramaze and blueberry extract, it shields skin from environmental aggressors without the sticky feel.
And if your skin feels like it might crack every time you wash your face, swap your current cleanser out for the Noosa Nourishing Creme Cleanser, £20. It lifts away grime and makeup traces without sucking your skin dry.
Great skin all round.

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