Mars In Aquarius Is The Perfect Time To Make A Difference

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Get ready to crave some connection and community. Mars, the Planet of Action, is moving on from one of its favourite spots in Capricorn and making its way into forward-thinking Aquarius on March 6, and it will stay there for over a month, until April 14. Although Mars will miss its time in the sea goat, we can use this upcoming Aquarian energy to take some serious and meaningful action in our lives and as a collective.
"Mars in Aquarius isn’t the normal fiery energy we associate with the Warrior Planet," says Madi Murphy, co-founder of the CosmicRx. "Under Mars in Aquarius, we are fighting for freedom but we are using our ideas, visions, and intellect to do so. Under this influence, we are reminded that our mind is our biggest weapon, and that magic happens when we gather under a common purpose."
Murphy says now is the time to revolutionise our way of living, because this transit "blesses us with those brilliant, higher-level visions to improve not only our daily lives, but society as a whole," she says. "Our minds are clear under this air-y influence and we feel liberated and empowered to think and act in new, possibly unconventional ways. We can see a better future, and the steps we must take in order to reach it."
Yana Yanovich, an astrologer at Nebula, agrees. Aquarius is a sign that focuses on the collective, and "after some personal goals have been achieved through actions you have taken during Mars in the Capricorn period, it is good to remember that you don’t exist in a vacuum and a wise thing to do would be to see how your own agenda fits in with the surrounding environment, with the interests of people around you," she explains.
Now is the time to focus our energy on "communication, exchanging feedback, building networks, and creating new contacts," according to Yanovich. "Aquarius is connected with ideals and principles so it will be good to look for these connections among like-minded people." Attend an online or IRL networking event, reach out to people you admire, or focus on creating a stronger bond with friends and family. While we're strong on our own, we're stronger together.
While Mars enters Aquarius on March 6, another planet will be tagging along. "The same day Mars enters Aquarius, it's counterpart Venus enters Aquarius," says Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "These two will form a conjunction on that day which will lead to major decisions when it comes to love."
Yanovich echoes this sentiment, noting that it will be the second time this year that these two planets will join. "The atmosphere of love and passion will be high for a few days before and after," she says. "It will be a good time to take action in romance, to start a new relationship or to bring the existing relationship to the next level."
Add another date to your astrological calendar: March 22, when Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. "I love this transit for sexual encounters since Mars and Uranus could bring in an unexpected lover or mind-blowing experience," says Liz Simmons, daily career horoscope writer for "However, it can be a little sexually risqué, so we may feel driven to do something way out of our comfort zone." Simmons advises us to keep our boundaries intact during this square. Feel free to deviate from your usual favourite pose, for instance, but be aware that the heat of the moment may be so hot that you even consider doing something like forgoing protection — and know when to pull back.
Also keep an eye out for April 5, when Mars conjuncts Saturn, the Planet of Structure and Karma. "For a few days before and after the date, you might feel like you’re not moving forward as fast as you’d like, as if something is holding you back," says Yanovich. "Use this time to take a break and recharge. There will be enough time to complete what you set off to do." Giving yourself a rest is always a must, but take extra care this day to not overexert your energy (I, for one, already have my mani-pedi booked).
Remember, Aquarius is all about collective energy. Pair that with actionable Mars, and meaningful change is sure to happen. Murphy advises us to use this time to stand up for social and societal injustices that we care about. "Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac and makes these issues impossible to ignore under this transit," she says. "If there is an issue that has been bothering you, read up on it. Follow people who are leaders in that area or community."
She acknowledges that it can often be overwhelming to think about these significant challenges or to feel like one person can’t make a difference, but "when we do it all together, we can create a tidal wave of change." Remember: There’s an especially powerful opportunity for revolution during this transit. Take it.

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