I Got A “Tinkerbell Tip” Nose Job

If you don't feel 100 percent confident about your nose — the size, shape, or the way it presents at certain angles — you might think that the only way to change it is to get a nose job.
However, rhinoplasty isn't always a viable option, when you account for both the cost and recovery time. But there is a non-surgical alternative: a liquid rhinoplasty, or a non-surgical nose job, which involves injecting filler into the nose to temporarily reshape it.
The latest installment of Refinery29's YouTube series Macro Beauty follows Courtney, a young mother, as she fulfills her dream of altering the shape of her nose — subtly straightening the bridge and lifting the tip — in a single sitting, with just a few tiny syringe pricks.
For her liquid rhinoplasty, Courtney visits Dr. Kay Durairaj, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, who specialises in a procedure she calls the 'Tinkerbell Tip Lift.' "It's literally almost like a magic-wand procedure," Dr. Durairaj explains of her take on the liquid rhinoplasty. "The transformation is instant; the satisfaction rate is through the roof. It brings tears to people's eyes to see this magical transformation in their nose — which is why I call it the 'Tinkerbell Tip Lift.'"
The technical procedure involves numbing the nose with a topical anaesthetic so Courtney doesn't feel any pain. Then, Dr. Durairaj marks her face, defining Courtney's exact nasal angles to determine where to place the filler. She uses a syringe to inject "microdroplets" filler, starting between the eyebrow, injecting all the way down the bridge of the nose. At the tip, she applies filler directly underneath, just between the nostrils, creating a slight elevation, for the Tinkerbell effect.
After just a few moments, Courtney has a new nose. Albeit temporary, Dr. Durairaj says results of a Tinkerbell Tip Lift usually lasts twelve months, and even longer with touchups. "When the filler starts to diminish, as it will over time, we can do touchup visits, 9-12 months down the line," she explains, adding that the procedure is a practical option for anyone looking to change the shape of their nose. "It's great for people who have already had a rhinoplasty and want modifications. It's also great for people who've never had plastic surgery but don't want the downtime, expense, or recovery involved. Then for some, it's the first step before investing in a surgical nose job."
For Courtney, she's planning to schedule touchups with Dr. Durairaj — and feel confident in her nose. "It's kind of amazing what can be done with a little filler — it's such a drastic change," she exclaims looking in the mirror, getting a little emotional. "I'm excited to see what my daughter will think. I'm hoping to teach her that everyone has insecurities. If you can fix them, great; don't let them bring you down. I'm so excited to show off my new nose to everyone."

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