How We Get Ready: R29's Morning Beauty Routine

Illustrated by Lauren Alexa.
How long is your morning beauty routine? Are you a 10-step planner, meticulously layering serum upon serum, only ready to leave the house once your SPF is on and your brows are brushed to perfection? Or are you a roll-outta-bed type, juggling your coffee with a quick swipe of mascara before catching the bus? Perhaps the evening is when you focus on your beauty regime, allowing everything to work its magic overnight; or maybe you just want an extra 30 minutes in bed (we feel you).
Morning routines are a constant source of fascination for us at Refinery29; we'll take any chance for a look into how other people spend their time – a voyeuristic glimpse of another world. To keep things fair, we've revealed our morning routines – from snooze button to out-the-door – which include all the products we rely on to get us looking fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead.
Click through to see how 10 staff members at Refinery29 get ready in the morning.

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