A Little Girl's Reaction To Meeting A Trump Impersonator Was Legendary

Photo: Gavin Bond.
Anthony Atamanuik as President Trump on Comedy Central's "The President's Show."
People say children will always speak their truth without any filter, and nothing captures this notion better than a video of a little girl roasting a President Trump impersonator.
"You’re a disgrace to the world," a little girl told "President Trump" in a short video posted on Twitter Sunday. The girl has yet to be identified, but the four-second clip quickly went viral on social media, with many users believing she had in fact met the real President Trump. But that wasn't the case. (The hair should have been your first indication that it wasn't POTUS who the girl confronted.) The clip was part of a segment from The President's Show, a Comedy Central TV show where host Anthony Atamanuik impersonates Trump.
The segment, called "Meet the People," showed Atamanuik walking through Washington, D.C. and interacting with random folks. As "President Trump," he met a group of older women. One of them went all in and said, "You know we hate you, don't you?"
When Atamanuik met the kid, he asked if she would like to take a picture with him. That's when she delivered her amazing roast, seemingly believing that he was in fact the president. Afterwards, she took a picture of "Trump" and walked off.
"What a wonderful little girl, I'm a disgrace to the world," Atamanuik said in the clip while in character. "I'm a disgrace."
After people took to Twitter to claim the clip was fake, Atamanuik said the little girl isn't an actor and that she said that "of her own volition." He also called her "brave, funny, and smart."
Fake Trump or no Fake Trump, the little girl quickly became an Internet hero. How could she not?!
The way she went in with a savage comment without batting an eye gives us hope. Women and girls need to be strong, outspoken, and funny. If this kid proves anything, it's that the resistance will be in good hands. Keep speaking your truth, little girl.
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