I Went 2 Weeks Without Washing My Hair — & It Was An Experience

For something as simple as washing your hair, it actually couldn't be more confusing. If you search 'no shampoo' on Google, you'll find over 10 million search results. Half say, "Stop washing your hair and you'll have the healthiest hair of your life," while others say, "Washing your hair daily is a must for scalp health." So... which is the right answer?
For anyone who's watched me on YouTube, you know that I typically take on 5-day challenges. But this week, I needed to go bigger, so I went (drumroll please) TWO WEEKS without washing my hair to see how I would feel, and if I would learn anything about myself and my hair type during the process.
This one was a challenge, my friends. There were days I felt insecure about the way my hair looked, days when friends and family commented on the smell, and days when I scratched my head so much that strangers on the subway looked at me weird.
By the end of the two weeks, I had gone through five rounds of pillow cases and a couple cans of dry shampoo, and I had dandruff and even some glitter in my scalp — but it was an experiment I would definitely try again under less extreme circumstances. And I learned that in the end, how much or how little you wash is entirely up to you and your individual hair type. If you're not afraid of a little hair grease, come along for the ride with me and watch the video above.

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