How To Look After The Skin Around Your Eyes – A Beginner’s Guide

The eyes may be the window to the soul but the state of the skin around them reveals (ahem, betrays) far more about who you really are. You see, your peepers are the first feature others gaze at when meeting you. They’re also the first part of your face to reveal signs of ageing. In fact, new research carried out by Olay has shown that the skin around the eye (that’s the orbicularis oculi, in case you’re wondering) can have a biological age up to 22 years' older than other parts of the face. Yep, the skin around your eyes is about as fragile as the UK economy post-Brexit.
Scientifically speaking, “It’s because the skin around the eye area is 10 times thinner, contains less oil glands and less natural moisture” reveals Dr. Sarah Shah. Under-eye fatigue is now firmly on the beauty industry's radar and there is a smorgasbord of products available, but is it enough to slather on an eye serum and hope for the best? Unsurprisingly, no! Click ahead for our guide to giving the skin under and above your eyes a little TLC.

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