Lush’s New Product Will Change Everything You Think About Mouthwash

Photo: Courtesy of Lush.
We love ourselves some Lush. The bath and body company with the notoriously cheeky product names is a favourite for their luxe bath bombs and indulgent holiday lineups alike. What weren't we necessarily expecting from them? Mouthwash, like you've never seen it before. The innovative folks at Lush have created the world’s first solid mouthwash, reports Teen Vogue. The mouthwash tabs, which look a bit like little sweets, come in three different flavours: Crème de Menthe (minty), Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (citrusy), and Ugai (fresh). But you don't eat them. To use them, simply pop one into your mouth, sip some water, chew it a few times and swish it around your mouth before spitting it out. Or dissolve one of the mouthwash tabs in a small glass of water and then rinse and spit accordingly.

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