A Guy Used Eminem Lyrics In An ASOS Customer Service Complaint, Got The Best Response

Photo: Donna Ward/Getty Images.
There's all sorts of interesting customer service news cropping up this week. First, there was the magical-sounding nearly-11-hour call that a Zappos rep had with a customer. Now, may we present the unexpected yet hilarious usage of Eminem lyrics to express angst over an exchange snafu? The customer, Jay Whalley, sent his rhyming complaint to ASOS' support team via Facebook message. And his song choice is pretty angst-ridden. If you haven't dusted off your copy of The Marshall Mathers LP — the CD, purchased with your allowance money from Sam Goody (RIP) — it's "Stan," perhaps Eminem's most depressing track, ever. (That Dido chorus, though...)
The retailer clearly has a sense of humour. Its initial response to Whalley involved a few well-chosen emoji.
And then there's the equally rhyming reply an ASOS customer service rep (she calls herself Rianna) wrote back, also in letter-formatted rhyming verse, a la "Stan."
Is this the most creative customer service exchange, ever? Possibly. We reached out to ASOS for more details on the, uh, unusual back-and-forth and will update when we hear back.

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