You Know About Dildos — Now, Meet The Drilldo

Photographed by Megan Madden.
When it comes to sex toys, you’ve got your bullet vibes, your wands, your dildos, your butt plugs, your anal beads, and your... drilldos? A drilldo is exactly what it sounds like — a dildo attached to a drill. Yes, the kind of drill you use to build furniture and install your air conditioner. Cue people worldwide clutching their legs together and wincing. This over-the-top sex toy has been around for a while, but it’s gained notoriety in recent years. And it’s easy to see why — who wouldn’t be fascinated?
In his 2002 book Sex: A User’s Guide, Stephen Arnott classifies the drilldo as a type of sex machine, a category that also includes the better-known toy the Sybian (a rideable saddle with a vibrating dildo sticking out of the top), and a similar toy called a f*cksaw (a dildo attached to an electric saw). 
Drilldos are sometimes sold as a kit, and sometimes DIYed. The kits typically contain a drill, a drillbit with a plastic attachment, and different-sized dildos that fit the attachment. Other kits contain just a dildo and the drillbit attachment, and are meant to be used with a regular drill. As you might guess, the high speeds on these drills can make for a painful and even dangerous experience. DIY drilldos are even riskier: people use a regular metal drillbit to drill into a silicone or rubber dildo, and then leave the dildo attached. In 2009, a woman was seriously hurt after attaching a dildo to a power saw.
While these toys have a long history in kink and BDSM communities, drilldos have been in the limelight recently. In American Horror Story: Hotel, the Addiction Demon wears a strap-on drilldo. There’s a move called the Drilldo in the video game Bulletstorm. Drilldos have been mentioned on the podcasts the Cleancast and My Dad Wrote A Porno. They’ve been featured on several lists of the weirdest sex toys out there, such as Cracked’s “5 Baffling Uses Of Sex Toys That Prove Humanity Is Doomed.” A cute drilldo doodle was included in the viral "Flirtmoji" designs. And of course, drilldos make many appearances in porn, though you’ll have to find those yourselves.
So yes, drilldos are a thing. But what’s it like to actually use one? Kink-positive sex education site Kinkly notes, “Some say the drilldo provides more intense stimulation than a traditional dildo. However, others are not aroused by the rotating motion, which is very different to the thrusting experienced during sex.” 
Dave, the sex toy reviewer behind the website The Big Gay Review, tried out the Drilldo 6-Piece Kit back in 2017 and wasn’t a fan. “I’ve got to say, it did not feel good. In fact, I will go as far as to say it actually hurt,” he wrote. “It just felt like it was churning my insides. Spinning and thrusting was even worse.” However, he added, “I would imagine that if you were someone who perhaps runs a little dungeon, and like inflicting pain (or receiving pain?) then perhaps this could be the perfect piece of kit for you.”
If you do try a drilldo, please don’t DIY it. And keep in mind that even professionally-made drilldos come with risks. As Kinkly puts it, “Stop using your drilldo if you see sparks coming from it.” 

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