8 Hairstyles That Can Survive A High-Intensity Workout

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
Styling your hair in the gym locker room is a nightmare. The shampoo in the communal dispenser leaves your hair dried out, there are five women waiting for the one blowdryer, and you might catch an elbow in the eye while crowding into the tiny mirror space. But what if you could avoid the whole rigamarole and breeze out of the gym without having to restyle?
There are styles that can endure a long workout — and still look cute (because if you're going to walk from your Pilates class to your coffee date that's key). All you have to do is take a few extra minutes to style before hitting the gym, and that's time well spent if you can avoid the bathroom rush after the cooldown.
Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best workout hairstyles that are both practical and selfie-worthy. Just don't get too distracted taking hair shots at the squat station, you have goals to accomplish!

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