10 Beauty Products That Always Have A Wait List — Except For Right Now

There’s a lot that goes into the making of a cult beauty product: Tons of research and development, killer branding, and social media hype. When the mix is just right, you get an item so in-demand it sells out before it officially goes on sale. And that, friends, creates a wait list. For the most sought-after launches, like The Ordinary’s serum foundation, that list can be more than 20,000 names long.
A wait list of thousands is marketing gold for a brand, but it’s also a pretty solid indication that a product really is *that* good. Yes, Mega Babe Rosy Pits had a wait list of 13,000, but it’s a game-changing natural deodorant. That’s why we searched out 10 truly impressive beauty finds worthy of their massive queues. The best part: All of these items are currently in stock now.
Click through to stock up while supplies last. Trust us, with these products, good things won’t come to those who wait.

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