10 Underrated Stars To Start Crushing On Immediately, If Not Sooner

Refinery29 is celebrating the long-awaited return of spring with Crush Day: A joyful look at the wonders of having a crush — on strangers, on celebrities, and even on stuff.
Once the internet gets a hold of a crush, it can make or break it. Noah Centineo was an Internet Boyfriend for about a month before the backlash started. (He’s too thirsty. He’s nothing like Peter Kavinsky IRL. He ghosted someone once! Gasp!) Other hashtag baes that have come and gone in the collective fickleness of social media: Rami Malek, bearded Bradley Cooper, Pete Davidson, Thicc Thanos. (I try not to judge other peoples’ taste in crushes but this Mickey Rourke–looking alien? Seriously?)
Sometimes, it’s nice to have a crush that everyone else isn’t fawning over yet. They can be your affectionate little secret that you only share with the niche corners of the web or with the other fans of that show you’re binging. It pains me to do this but I’m going to share my list of undervalued heartthrobs-in-the-making and It-Girls-in-waiting so you can crush on them now before everyone else does. Hey, what would Crush Day be without objectifying some unsuspecting entertainers? Here they are in no particular order.
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