Want A Better Hair and Scalp Care Routine? Watch THIS

appearance by Melissa Hwang; appearance by Samantha Sasso.
The arguably most underrated aspect of your beauty routine is hiding in plain sight: your scalp. It's easy to forget that under a full head of hair is still skin, and it deserves just as much attention as you give your face with that 10-step Korean skin-care routine. That's why, in our latest episode of Routine Reversals, we challenged lifestyle influencer Mel Hwang to swap hair routines with one of our very own R29 beauty editors to re-shift her hair-care focus and see just how much of a difference it makes. Watch what happens when she nourishes strands with a Love Beauty & Planet color-safe hair mask, exfoliates with a DIY coffee scrub, and amps up shine with a keratin-rich TRESemmé serum, just above.

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