The 10-Colour Nail Art Trend That's Taking Over Instagram

Photographed by Beth Sacca
You know how standing in front of a wall of polishes at any salon and trying to choose one can feel like the hardest decision? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to. There’s a new rainbow nail trend, and it’s all about wearing 10 different shades of polish at the same time.
The concept strikes the balance between art and a regular mani. In a way, the 10-colour manicure is almost like gateway nail art. “I think a lot of people are super nervous about having intricate designs,” says Toronto-based nail expert, Elyse Connery. “I can totally relate.” Even though she’s known for amazingly nail detailed art, Connery doesn’t like wearing it herself. “What I will do is multiple different colours on a hand. It feels like I’m doing something with a little bit of flare without it being so intricate or distracting.”
Choosing 10 shades is easiest when you go with your gut according to Connery, who is also known on Instagram as @angoranails. “It’s the same with nail art. If you can’t picture it on yourself, don’t do it,” she advises. “I look at my hands and picture the next two weeks of outfits, and think, ‘Is this going to work or not?’” Don’t overthink it, though. Since colour clashing has been such a big trend over the past few years, the rules are meant to be broken. “The possibilities really are endless,” says Connery of the trend, which is easy to pull off at home.
Still, there are some fundamentals to consider when getting started. “My art background always tells me to have a light, a dark, a medium colour, and a bright,” suggests Connery for good contrast. “When you do that, everything is anchored. If you were to do a whole bunch of bright colours, it wouldn’t seem finished.” She also recommends looking at new polish collections as a starting point. “Brands like Essie are really good with putting out a line of colours that really all goes together,” she says. They’ll typically follow that rule with one neutral, one bright, one dark, and a couple medium colours. “I guarantee if you were going to use that line on your whole hand, it would work.”
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