How I Looked When I Tried 5 Very Different "Fashion Girl" Styles

One of my least favourite questions to answer is, "How would you describe your style?" I love clothing and being experimental when it comes to fashion choices, but I simply don't know enough about the fashion world to identify a term that can be used to describe my personal style.
Therefore, when my YouTube audience suggested I try "5 Days of Different Styles" for my lifestyle challenge video series, I didn't dare put the looks together on my own. I needed a true fashion expert to help me identify five in-style fashion territories — and also to pick out my outfits.
Annie Georgia Greenberg, Refinery29's fashion editor-at-large and video producer, pulled five different looks for me with help from R29's associate stylist, Michelle Li. I rocked an '80s workwear look, a street style-inspired outfit, a dark minimalism uniform, dramatic florals, and an elegant gown — all over the course of five days. Each style enabled me to take on an identity that was completely different from the everyday "Lucie" that my audience knows. Each style also affected my mood and daily mindset, while making me feel bold and empowered in different ways. Check out the video to watch this challenge unfold.

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