Milky Nails: The Cool, Understated New Manicure Trend For 2020

It's safe to say that 2019 was a great year for cool nail trends. We experimented with cloudy seaglass nails, tortoiseshell nails and lipstick-shaped nails, to name a few new styles. But with 2020 on the horizon, we're gearing up for a host of new manicure crazes.
One particular trend is already on the tip of everyone's tongue. Enter: milky nails. Minimal yet chic, it's all about the colour, which occupies a cosy space between sheer and opaque off-white, resembling a tall glass of milk.
Talking to Allure, who first spotted the trend, nail artist Victoyria lifted the lid on the technique, having recently fashioned a set of milky nails for Lizzo using acrylic powder. "The process was very simple since it is coloured acrylic," she told the magazine. "I laid that one colour and topped it with a gel topcoat. A lot of people like using polish to create the milky white look, but I prefer acrylic."
If you aren't a fan of acrylic extensions or even gel nails, it's actually pretty easy to achieve the semi-opaque trend at home with a simple nail polish. Try Essie's Nail Polish in Limo Scene, £7.99, OPI's Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny, £13.50, or NARS' Nail Polish in Ecume, £16, using the three-step method: one slick of polish in the centre and one on either side, to make it seamless, not streaky. Two or three coats is ample for the almost sheer finish, and always remember to prime nails with a base coat. Then, finish with a glossy top coat to attain the milk effect and to make your polish last longer.
Unlike the intricate nail art trends that reigned supreme this year, the good thing about milky nails is that the look can be created on much shorter nails. Even better, the polish is less likely to stain the nail bed than the darker, more brooding hues like burgundy and midnight blue, which we tend to gravitate towards in the winter months. And it just so happens to be even more Instagram-worthy.

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