Why Gucci Beauty’s New Mascara Campaign Is Causing A Stir On Instagram

Image Courtesy of Jacqueline Kilikita.
Since bursting onto the scene with a 58-strong lipstick collection in May 2019, Gucci Beauty has been the talk of Instagram.
The brand made waves by eschewing models with flawless teeth, instead choosing Dani Miller (the lead singer in Brooklyn-based punk band Surfbort) and fashion week model Mae Lapres to front the campaign, proving that there is beauty in imperfection. The images, shot by renowned photographer Martin Parr, divided opinion online. But there's no doubt it helped boost the beauty brand's popularity.
Fast-forward to last weekend and Gucci Beauty took to Instagram to announce yet another exciting launch: a debut mascara, Mascara L'Obscur. And as you might have guessed, the campaign has proved to be just as divisive as the last.
Gucci Beauty chose both Dani and Mae to be the eyes of their gilt-topped, millennial pink mascara but fans aren't quite sure what to make of the finished result. One campaign shot, captioned "It builds and builds, for eyes that are EVERYTHING" features Dani with lashes so heavily slicked with the mascara, they appear spidery or 'clumpy'. In response to the picture, one of Gucci Beauty's followers wrote: "Not sure about anyone else but the clumpy look does not make me want to try this." Another commented: "It's a little bit too much isn't it?"
Of course, a handful of beauty obsessives were impressed with the mascara's ability to build and define. "I think it's meant to be designed for statements and special occasions," wrote one follower. "Plus, this is editorial makeup so it's always going to be excessive to show the full power of the product. With a light hand, I think this would be a beautiful look." Others showed their love for the product with a string of heart emoji, while one wrote: "I want please!"
One of Gucci Beauty's followers took the opportunity to point out the distinct lack of Photoshop in the image featuring Dani, which shines a light on 'real skin': "It's cool to see someone with style and a point of view of beauty without the crazy over the top airbrushing," they wrote.
While the exaggerated look isn't doing it for a lot of Gucci Beauty fans, having tried the mascara at R29, a single slick has the ability to separate, define, lengthen and thicken without appearing over the top.
Retailing at $46 CAD and available online at Gucci Beauty, the mascara is easy to use thanks to the streamlined brush, which features teeny tiny teeth to capture the shortest of lashes sans clusters. Brilliantly, it doesn't budge or smudge an inch but is easily removed with micellar water. One coat is enough but the formula allows you to layer and build with every slick if you're into the overloaded lash look.
Plus, the packaging is Instagram gold. Quite literally.

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