Bye, Falsies! Getting Thicker Lashes At Home Just Got Way Easier

The no-makeup makeup look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (thanks, Glossier!), which might help to explain why lash serums are becoming a regular step in multi-step beauty routines. These little vials of liquid promise to give you longer and thicker lashes — minus the mascara clumps, expensive lash-extension sessions, and hassle of falsies.
According to Lauren Bilon, founder of Calgary-based Plume Cosmetics Inc., you can see results within a few weeks if you use serums properly. Many serums use ingredients you might find in products that help strengthen the hair on your head, such as vitamin E or vitamin B5, which work to nourish and condition the hairs. These ingredients have the same effect on brows, giving lash serums like Plume’s a dual purpose.
The catch? It’s important to stay consistent. “You have to be committed to the process for at least a month or two, every day,” Bilon says. “And, you need to stay on the program. If you use the product for a few months, achieve great results, and then stop, you’ll eventually end up back where you started.”
Not afraid of a little commitment? Check out these hard-working, fan-fave lash serums ahead.

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