I Ate Pizza For 5 Days Straight & Here's What Happened

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my love for pizza runs deep. In fact, if you follow any of my social media accounts, this will become abundantly clear to you.
I've tried some pretty wacky 5-day challenges throughout the Try Living with Lucie video series. 5 Days of Wearing the Same Outfit: doable. 5 Days Living as a Freegan: eye-opening. This week, I wanted to push the boundaries and try something outright ridiculous: 5 Days of Eating Only Pizza.
I wanted to indulge. I wanted to treat myself. But I also wanted to make sure that a) I was getting enough nutrients throughout the course of the week, and b) I was branching out and thinking outside of the box; I didn't want to make myself sick of pizza!
Come along on my journey to watch me eat almost 20 slices of pizza in 5 days!

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