Everything Coming To Netflix Canada In December

Parrish Lewis/Netflix.
Christmas rom-com season starts in October for me. For everyone else, it’s probably just beginning. It’s also the season of watching reruns of holiday classics like Home Alone and Die Hard. Since it's not the year 2000 and most of us aren’t flicking through channels hoping to stumble upon a great movie, Netflix has become the go-to to fill the awkward silences that inevitably happen during the myriad of family events this month. This December, it’s like Netflix knows we need the reprieve from small talk with that nosy auntie (you know the one) about our relationship status. It's delivering a perfect mix of current Christmas hits, throwback faves, bingeworthy shows and new films everyone is going to be talking about in 2020. End off the decade right by ignoring your family for #content!
Here’s what to watch on Netflix Canada in December, plus everything that’s coming and going.

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