I Got Curtain Bangs — & Yes, They’re Worth The Hype

On the scale of bangs from baby to curtain, the latter undoubtedly takes the cake for being the most versatile. The trend, which creates curtain-like layers in front of your face, has been in high demand in salons and popular on TikTok, with the #curtainbangs hashtag amassing over five million video views.
It's also the style of choice for Chiara Wolff, Hair Me Out's latest star. "I really want curtain bangs because I think it's the cutest hair trend ever," Wolff says. "I want to add some volume and bounce and give my hair some sass and attitude."
For Wolff, sass and attitude haven't always been part of her hair's M.O. She's worn her hair straight and simple for most of her life, so bangs were the perfect way to switch up her look. Wolff went to Aaron Watkins, a professional stylist in Beverly Hills, to create her curtain bangs. 
Watkins, who specializes in transformative haircuts, started his client's fringe by beginning in the middle and working towards the perimeter. "I cut the curtain bangs longer and start at the chin for shock value," he explains. "Then we'll progressively go shorter because you can't put it back on after you've cut it short." He created a wispy fringe for Wolff that sat right above her chin, then created layers to frame her face.
According to Watkins, if you're looking for a quick upgrade with lasting impact, curtain bangs may be a good option. "You can be out in 15 to 20 minutes if you have the right stylist," he says. "It can be a drastic change for something that's so quick." For Wolff, her results were a full "sassy" fringe that cascaded along her face, which looked even more stunning when styled in tousled curls. Click play to see her complete transformation.

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