I Got Curly Hair Extensions For The First Time

The process of growing out your hair can seem longer than the first six months of 2020 or waiting for the next Rihanna album to drop — but if you're longing for length in less than the time it takes to listen to Anti, there is the power of hair extensions. While straighter hair extensions are frequently used in most salons, options for curly textures exist, and allow for the addition of volume and inches to waves and ringlets.
That's exactly what Kayla Isaacs was in the market for when she visited the Christo Fifth Avenue salon in New York City. "I feel like [the extensions] will make a huge statement," Isaacs said ahead of her appointment for our latest episode of Hair Me Out, where she gets both extensions and a curl-care treatment courtesy of salon founder and hairstylist Christo Curlisto. Starting with a haircut that focuses on creating layers, followed by a deep-conditioning treatment, Curlisto focuses on hair health first to tackle Isaacs' concerns of dryness and frizz. He finishes with the application of curly extensions to achieve the desired elongated look.
Did the hair overhaul end up making the statement Isaacs hoped it would? For a look at all the steps and the final transformation, be sure to watch the video above. 
This episode of Hair Me Out was filmed prior to salon closures and enhanced safety precautions as a result of COVID-19.

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