Coachella's Biggest Makeup Trend? Glitter, Glitter, & More Glitter

Photographed by Emily Malan
Besides boho crop tops, denim cutoffs, and Ariana Grande-packed playlists, festival goers at this year's Coachella music festival are on the same page when it comes to glam. Last year, Queen Bey brought out 90's-influenced buns and bubble ponytails, while dewy skin and glowy cheekbones got in formation.
This year, things are looking a little different. If you're driving in for the weekend, make sure you stop at your local craft store because glitter is everywhere — and not just on the eyelids. Attendees are getting creative and pairing chunky shimmer with rhinestones, sequins, and jewels to create otherworldly looks fitting for the weekend's over-the-top events.
Global Beauty Director for YSL Beauty, Tom Pecheux says that glitter is the way to go for festivals because it will look good no matter your skill level. "I really love glitter because it makes you think of joy and happiness," he tells Refinery29. "You don't need to be an expert to wear it. It's easy to put on — could be a nightmare to take off — but it's so worth it," Pecheux says.
For festivals that take place in the scorching heat, Pecheux says it's the one thing that won't fail you. "When layering on foundation and other complexion products in the heat, there's always a chance that it will melt off with heat and sweat," he says. "Wearing glitter does the job because it makes you look cool but it won't wear off."
Pecheux recommends playing up your favourite features with glitter and gems while keeping the rest of your makeup muted. This year, festival attendees focused the sparkly stuff mainly on the cheekbones, eyelids, and inner corners. If you're attending weekend two of the festival and still don't know what makeup to pair with your outfit, browse through the blinged-out beauty looks ahead for inspo.
Travel and accommodations were provided by YSL Beauty for the purpose of writing this story.

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