We Checked In With A Mom Of 4 On How She’s Coping At Home

“When I had four kids, I didn’t expect a global pandemic,” says Caitey MacLeod, a dairy farmer, photographer, and mom based in Oxford County, ON, who sat down with Refinery29 Canada’s Executive Editor, Carley Fortune, to discuss some of the recent challenges she has faced as a parent with four children ages 1, 3, 6 and 8.
In our second episode of Checking In, in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Caitey explains “As a mom, you feel like you have to be everything, but in this situation you really had to become everything — a teacher, coach, chef...” A daily routine (including chores) and looking at farm life as an opportunity for learning (making butter became a science experiment, and kids gained independence in the kitchen by mastering grilled cheese and other staples) are two of the things that have helped make life both more manageable and enjoyable. Watch to hear Carley and Caitey’s honest conversation about motherhood in 2020, including Caitey’s no-fail trick for getting her kids to stop fighting. 

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