The Steamiest Sex Scenes Of 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Everyone loves a good sex scene. We’re invested in the lives of our TV and movie faves, and we want to see them get it on. Sometimes when we’ve been waiting for characters to get together, a steamy scene between them can feel just as rewarding as IRL sex. And a really good sex scene is basically porn, which is convenient now that we can no longer count on Tumblr for adult content.
2018 was a banner year for on-screen coitus. Shows on streaming platforms gave us steamier and crazier encounters. There were moments that expanded our definition of what a sex scene is, from 18th century queer royalty to sci-fi orgies to a Spanish teen triad, or Lady Gaga applying stick-on eyebrows to Bradley Cooper’s face in a bathtub.
Lock the door and click on through to watch some of your favourite characters getting physical.

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