Tonight’s Full Moon in Aquarius Promises Lots Of Emotional Chaos

Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images.
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? A full moon with big star energy, steadied by the fixed power of Aquarius, a mirror of big heart energy pouring from the Sun in Leo. It would be enough to simply wait for it as the sky dims, to moonbathe like a night bloom. If you wanted, you could close your eyes against the moon, holding her image in your mind’s eye, both foreign and familiar at once. You could hold the moon between your eyes and trace her rays as they spread through you, branching like rivers do, flowing past your calves and toward the ground to disperse into the dirt. Radiating under Aquarian stars, graced by the proximity of both Pluto and Saturn, this is a full moon about light and about darkness, about being perceived and refusing to be. 
Perhaps more than any other full moon, the full moon in Aquarius intends to remind you that whatever illumination you encounter under her, you encounter under illusion. She is a luminary that makes no light of her own. She is a dark object made distinct by outside radiance, like the Earth and like the Earth’s children. To be distinguished — to feel known — is a temporary agreement made between the perceived and the perceiver. What was seen is already in the past, already gone. Like a lover onto whom we project all of our deepest wishes and unrelenting fears, you know the full moon by what she is not. You encounter her in opposition. 
Here, the presence of Pluto thickens the night, stirring heavy emotions and psychic visions into the mix. With Mercury in Cancer applying an opposition, what’s unwritten and unsaid could bubble to the surface, aching to be uncovered and acknowledged. At the same time, Venus makes an opposition to Jupiter and the temptation to overindulge is in the cards. But, not all visions are as psychic as they feel. Insights into the lives of others, into the behaviors of others, into the hearts of others, are likely to be stories. Discernment is of the essence now — especially discernment born of knowing our own limitations.
What’s so wrong with a little darkness anyway? With acknowledging that there is only so much we can know about others, only so much of us that can be known? “I wonder what it is about darkness that makes us sure we can’t move safely through it,” Thalia Field wrote in her book Point and Line. “Something about bumping into things with our bodies first. That the touch might be painful, erotic, before we understand it.” To have the experience first and reach understanding after is Aquarian magic. Aquarian people carry emotional energy from shore to shore. Waves allow water to travel; they don’t demand to know what water is. They build intimacy with the emotions they carry, knowing them by weight, and by origin. What they carry, they hold sacred, until it is either a part of them — or it is gone.

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