Your Weekly Horoscope: May 2, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano
The first week of May begins with an Aquarian quarter moon, an invitation to reflect on what, if anything, we’re ready to release as we follow the moon's glow through the dark and toward a new cycle. Mercury moves under the stars of Gemini by Monday, but not before it forms a square at 28° Taurus to Jupiter at 28° in Aquarius. The adage “rejection is protection” works well in this case, a reminder that sometimes you’ve got to hedge your bets until all the information is on the table — especially when it comes to making agreements that last a lot longer than they take to make. 
Meanwhile, the Sun in Taurus makes a square to Saturn in Aquarius, reminding us what everyone knows about our best-laid plans — their lack of a guaranteed outcome. But, life’s not all planning and plodding along. Venus, under the auspices of Taurus, makes a trine to Pluto on May 6th, a shadowy aspect that’s open to a little sexual tension, but will settle for some past-life revelations. By May 8th, Venus will leave the comfort of her home in Taurus for the play-space that is Gemini territory, but not before making a square to Jupiter while positioned at 29° Taurus. 
While we watch the stars and chart their weather, it’s important to remember that the world we’re a part of and constantly learning from creates its own constellations of meaning. In this world, India faces a devastating COVID outbreak and in this work, India needs our help. A masterdoc of grassroots and mutual aid efforts is available for those who understand that while the astrology Americans practice is quite different from Hindu astrology, our knowledge of the stars and their meaning owes a great debt to Indian people.

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