Your Horoscope This Week: April 25, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano
This week’s Pluto Retrograde begins on Tuesday April 27th EST at 26° and will end on October 26th at 24° Capricorn. This is a fairly long transit whose shadow period has already been in effect for some time. Pluto Retrogrades happen every year, lasting between five and seven months and, true to the themes Pluto represents, they encourage us to reflect on our own relationship to power. In this case, power is a manifold subject, one that invites conversations about death, debt, disease, and disability and what we strive to control in order to avoid the reality of those topics. Pluto is interested in our personal relationship to our mortality, but it’s also invested in the larger story of humanity, of viruses, of what dies and what comes from the decay. 
A full year after the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, April endures the Taurean way — methodical, determined, and invested in showing up as the best and most authentic version of itself. Against self-betrayal and against self-compromise, the consistent credo of Taurus’s fixed values are buoyed by the force of the Scorpio full moon on April 26th. Perfecting at 7° Scorpio right before Pluto’s apparent retrograde, the Scorpio full moon reminds us that our fear of losing control is the only thing we have control over; change is inevitable and so we might as well make our changes count. 
This is a great week to reflect on the ways our understanding of attachment and resources has changed. Ask yourself how your expectations of your loved ones have changed since April 25th of last year. Do you feel yourself being more generous with the human mistakes of others? Or do you find yourself numbing out when your intimate circles mirror the carelessness you witness in the wider world? Reflect on what you need to feel secure in your resources and your relationships since that time last year. In what ways do you create space for what you need, and in what ways do you de-prioritize what you need? Who does it serve?

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