Celine Agrees With TikTok: Skinny Jeans Are Out

Photo: Courtesy of Celine.
When TikTok speaks, Celine listens. Well, at least, when Gen Z is speaking about skinny jeans being out. When Celine (virtually) presented its Winter '21 collection, baggy jeans made up more than a few looks.
Teased as a continuation of the luxury brand's Summer '21 collection, the new line was a "utopian parade and melancholic daydream of youth interrupted," according to the show's notes. Yet seeing an abundance of wide-legged denim cuts in the show, which took place in the garden of Versailles, made it clear the kids are alright.
From cardigans paired with boyfriend jeans to military jackets over bootcut denim, comfort reigned in Celine's new collection. Perhaps, these layered denim looks are in preparation for all of us heading back into the world as vaccine rollouts continue.
Photo: Courtesy of Celine.
Photo: Courtesy of Celine.
The looser-fit jeans worn with oversized coats feel like an easy upgrade to our less-structured WFH wardrobe. Even better, Celine found a way to take the crop top into winter. It's as easy as adding an oversized tweed blazer or puffer jacket on top.
The fact that this collection feels like it's sure to get TikTok's approval feels very on-brand for Hedi Slimane, who, since taking over for former Celine creative director Phoebe Philo in 2018, has pushed the brand in a more youthful direction. Just a year into the job, he enlisted Atlanta-based TikTok star Noen Eubanks as the new face of Celine.
See the new collection in full, below.

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