Jordan Alexander’s Latest Gossip Girl Look Will Convince You To Pair Track Pants With A Trench Coat

Photo: Gotham/GC Images.
Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman could tell we were already mentally preparing looks for the weekend. On Thursday, Jordan Alexander, one of the stars of the forthcoming reboot, was spotted filming in NYC wearing the perfect Saturday afternoon look. 
For the scene, Alexander, who is playing influencer Julien Calloway on the show, combined her Constance Billard uniform with athleisure, creating an enviable duet of sporty and preppy. She paired colourblock track pants and chunky Fila sneakers with an oversized trench coat, a men’s button-down, and a cropped Cinq A Sept sweater. Around her neck was a ribbon, in Constance Billard’s blue, that matched the Dior Saddle bag looped around her forearm. 
Photo: Gotham/GC Images.
Like the outfits we’ve caught a glimpse of since filming began for the reboot — which included Schutz boots, Adidas sneakers, and bike shorts— Alexander’s latest, minus the designer handbag, is easy to recreate. Most people already own a trench coat, track pants, and sneakers. All we needed was Daman’s eye for styling to realize we should combine them all. And maybe add a tiny sweater for good measure. 
Ideal for the confusing is it winter or is it spring? time of year we’re in right now, the transitional weather look is just waiting to be copied. And if you choose to wear it to spend the weekend rewatching old episodes of Gossip Girl in anticipation of new ones, so be it. 

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