The Luckiest Day Of 2021 Is Coming. Here’s Exactly How To Celebrate It

Photographed by Bailey Rebecca Roberts.
Once a year, the bright and powerful Sun and the abundant planet of Jupiter form a conjunction. This time, that meeting occurs on January 28, in the innovative sign of Aquarius. The energy of this aspect is so potent — and so positive — that astrologers often refer to it as the "Day of Miracles."
"It's a great day to take risks in your life, because you will be protected," Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City, tells Refinery29. Buy up those lottery tickets, tell your longtime crush your true feelings, pitch that big idea at work: With the power of these two celestial bodies behind you, anything is possible.
There is just one cloud marring the beautiful blue sky that is the Day of Miracles: a very potent full moon in Leo that's squaring Mars in Taurus. "Because of that Mars square, people are going to be fighting to assert their views," Stardust cautions. "Mars in Taurus can be a little bit stubborn." The good news is, the sheer optimistic power of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will drown out the negativity caused by this square, and help push us to take meaningful action in our lives.
Full moons are a time for letting go, so if you're trying to move past something (ahem, 2020), the Day of Miracles will help you do it, Stardust says. She recommends practising manifestation to help you make the most of the good vibes this day offers. "It's a good day to manifest things that you need luck with," Stardust says. "If you're wanting to change things in your life, set an intention. If you're unhappy in a job or a relationship, manifest what you want [instead]. Anything is possible if you really put your dreams first."
Vocalize what you want but put actions behind your wishes, too. Ask for that raise, lay out what you need in your relationship, book a virtual class to build your skill set. There's no better day to start these practices than on the luckiest day of the year.
We won't be experiencing this conjunction again until March 5, 2022, so use this time wisely. If you play your cards right, you could be setting yourself up for a great (and lucky) year ahead.

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