This Queer Eye Star Looks So Different With A Shaved Head

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage.
It was tough enough to snag a hair appointment pre-COVID, but now with everyone desperate to see their stylists after months in quarantine, the salon books are battleground territory. That's why some of us are still taking matters into our own hands, or going bold when we see our stylists — because who knows when you'll be able to get penciled in again? One of those strategies seems to be a reality for Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski, who debuted a transformation that has him looking unrecognizable.
Porowski took to Instagram on Sunday to show off his new look: a close-shaved buzzcut that differs dramatically from his signature pompadour. "Number of times I almost put food through my mask: 3," he captioned the photo, which shows him dining outdoors. While Porowski didn't address the new look to confirm whether it's a DIY at-home makeover or courtesy of a stylist, it's certainly a change for the Netflix show's resident food and wine expert.
The rest of the Queer Eye crew is loving the look, with four of the Fab Five hitting up the comments section to signal their approval. "Quarantine makeover realness bb," wrote co-star Jonathan Van Ness, while Tan France commented, "YES BUZZ-CUT!" Bobby Berk also chimed in to admit he hardly recognized his costar, writing: "Took me a second to figure out who this was!!!" Porowski also received praise from his followers for the makeover — and a ton of comments on his toned arms.
Porowski isn't the only celebrity to debut a buzzcut recently: Tiffany Haddish also shared a selfie of her clean-shaven haircut this month, telling her fans, "The best part is when water hits my head, it feels like kisses from God." Between the summer heat and pandemic stress, that compelling testimonial might just inspire people to get buzzed ASAP.

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