Your Horoscope This Week

At the start of this week, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How can I evolve?” The Sun forms a quincunx against transformative Pluto on Sunday, encouraging us to think less selfishly and consider our impact on the world. We may be tempted to push ourselves to extremes on Tuesday, as the Sun creates a quincunx with optimistic Jupiter. Put the pedal to the metal, but be aware of how hard you’re working, and carve out some time to take a breather if you find yourself approaching burnout. We’ll be gifted with a new burst of energy and focus on Thursday, when ambitious Mars creates a sextile with powerful Pluto. But at the same time, Mercury stations retrograde in sensitive cancer. When the chatty planet tracks backwards, we can expect miscommunications and tech mishaps. We can take advantage of the sharpened concentration, while sidestepping connection issues, by taking the time to unplug and work on solo projects. We’ll end the week on a confident and hopeful note, as passionate Mars forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter on Saturday. If there was ever a time to listen to our guts and go after our goals, it would be now.

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