The “Stuck With U” Music Video Is Filled With Celebrity Couples — Including Ariana Grande & Her New Man

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Oh, to be a couple in quarantine. Longtime pals Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber finally collaborated on a song all about staying home with the ones you love during this time of social-distancing. "Stuck With U" dropped on Friday, the music video for which is choc-full of home videos from famous — and previously unconfirmed — celebrity couples giving us a glimpse into pretty much the only good part of quarantine: spending time with the people (and pets) you love.
The music video takes a page out of Love Actually's book, filling the screen with videos from people all over. Celebrities as well as their family and friends contributed little video snippets from their time inside, highlighting the ways the world is coming together even though we have to physically stay apart.
The lyrics of the song — "I'ma get to know you better/Kinda hope we're here forever" — are specifically about hunkering down with the person you love. In Bieber's case, that's wife Hailey Bieber, and in Grande's, that's her dogs. At least, at first. The singer drops a surprise at the end of the music video that confirms those rumours about her having a quarantine boyfriend. But those aren't the only pairs you should keep an eye out for. Celebs from the music, TV, and, uh, Jade vaginal egg industry all make appearances if you look hard enough.
Watch the "Stuck With U" music video here and check out the celebrity couple cameos ahead.

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