Your Favourite Love Is Blind Couple Just Invited You To Hang At Their Place

Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU/Getty.
You’re about to see a lot more from your favourite Love Is Blind couple
Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton just started their influencer journey with a new YouTube channel, Hangin’ With the Hamiltons. And if you thought you couldn’t get enough of them before the first season of Netflix’s smash-hit reality show Love Is Blind wrapped on March 5, they’re diving deep into their life as a married couple outside of television. 
Cameron and Lauren dote over each other in their introductory video, referring to themselves as “yin and yang,” “salt and pepper,” and “vanilla and chocolate.” Seriously, could they get any cuter? Pretty sure they can and will. 
Cameron says they’re “kind of a crazy pair” and eventually gets sidetracked when he subtly locks eyes with Lauren in the middle of speaking. They want to offer up their “realest perspective” with this channel. And, it seems like they’re staying true to that “hangin’” concept, too. The duo sports comfy matching white T-shirts in a laid-back setting as they chat viewers up on their couch. 
The Love Is Blind couple plans to talk about travelling, life with a new dog, family, food, drinks, and they want to make this experience as interactive as possible. That means input from active viewers is encouraged. 
I like that Lauren mentions exploring the topic of interracial relationships. With their platform, they can productively discuss the touchy subject with sincerity. It’s necessary because, surprise, even in 2020 society hasn’t quite comprehended that love truly is blind and you love who you love regardless of race, gender, and I could go on. But, that’s my mini educational TED Talk for you. 
The couple’s two-minute video simply wasn’t enough, but hopefully the upcoming episodes are a subscribe button away from giving us the love fix that we need since a second season of Love Is Blind hasn’t been officially announced. 
There’s nothing worse than an unfinished love story, after all. 
Watch the intro video for yourself below.

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